Teaching Assistance


The quality of primary and secondary education in Indonesia is still very low (PISA 2018 ranks Indonesia number 7 from last). The number of education units in Indonesia is huge and has numerous problems. Learning activities in the form of teaching assistance are carried out by students in educational units such as elementary, middle and high schools. The school where the teaching practice is located can be in a city location or in a remote area.


  • Provide opportunities for students who have an interest in education to participate in teaching and deepen their knowledge by becoming teachers in educational units.
  • Helping to increase fairness in the quality of education, as well as the relevance of primary and secondary education to higher education and current development.

Teaching Assistance Program in University of Indonesia

Please click on the following link to view the teaching assistance program at the University of Indonesia.

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More Information

Please download the ILIC guide at the following link to view more complete information about this program.