Village Development/Thematic Field Work Studies

Village Development/Thematic Field Work Studies (VD/TFWS) is a form of education by providing learning experiences for students to live in a community outside the campus, which directly identifies potentials with the community and handles problems so that they are expected to be able to develop village / regional potential and formulate solutions for problems in the village. The VD/TFWS activities are expected to hone soft skills of partnerships, cross-disciplinary / scientific teamwork (cross competencies), and student leadership in managing development programs in rural areas. So far, tertiary institutions have implemented the VD/TFWS program, it’s just that the Semester Credit Units (SKS) cannot or can be recognized in accordance with the independent campus program which credit recognition is equivalent to 6-12 months or 20-40 credits, with implementation based on several models. It is also hoped that after the implementation of KKNT, students can write down the things they do and the results in the form of a final project.


  • The presence of students for 6 – 12 months provides the opportunity for students to take advantage of their knowledge, technology, and skills in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Assisting the acceleration of development in rural areas together with the Ministry of Villages, PDTT.

Village Development/Thematic Field Work Studies Program in University of Indonesia

Programs that are available:

  • TMMD 2021 Community Service Program
  • In 2021, the Community Care Grant Program will be implemented.


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More Information

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