Internship programs lasting 1-2 semesters, provide sufficient experience for students, direct learning in the workplace (experiential learning). During the internship, students will get hard skills (skills, complex problem solving, analytical skills, etc.), as well as soft skills (professional / work ethics, communication, cooperation, etc.). Meanwhile, the industry gets talents that, if appropriate, can be recruited immediately, thereby reducing recruitment costs and initial training / induction. Students who are familiar with the workplace will be more resilient in entering the world of work and careers. Through this activity, industrial problems will flow to universities so that updating teaching and learning materials for lecturers and research topics in universities will be more relevant.

Internships Program in University of Indonesia

Programs That Are Available:

  • International Exposure For Indonesia’s Future Leader Internship Program
  • BUMN Certified Internship Program 2021 Batch 1
  • MOST Global Talent Internship Program 2021

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More Information

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