For students who have a passion for being researchers, independent learning can be in the form of research activities at research institutes / study centers. Through research, students can develop critical thinking, which is very much needed for various scientific families at the higher education level. With the ability to think critically, students will explore, understand, and be able to do research methods better. For students who have an interest and desire to work in the research field, the opportunity to intern in a research center laboratory is their dream. In addition, laboratories / research institutions sometimes lack research assistants when working on short-term research projects (1 semester – 1 year).


  • It is hoped that student research can be upgraded and strengthened the talent pool of researchers topically.
  • Students gain research competence through direct mentoring by researchers at research institutes / study centers.
  • Improve the ecosystem and research quality in Indonesian laboratories and research institutions by providing research resources and regenerating researchers from an early age.

Research Program in University of Indonesia

Please click on the following link to view the research program at the University of Indonesia.

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More Information

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