Student Exchange


Currently, there are many student exchanges with full credit transfers with partner universities abroad, but the credit transfer system between domestic universities is still very small. Student exchanges are held to shape student attitudes as stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Number 3 of 2020, namely respecting cultural diversity, views, religions and beliefs, as well as other people’s original opinions or findings; as well as working together and having social sensitivity and concern for the community and the environment.


  • Studying across campuses (at home and abroad), living with family at the destination campus, students’ insight into Unity in Diversity will develop, cross-cultural and ethnic brotherhood will be stronger.
  • Building student friendships between regions, ethnicities, cultures and religions, thereby increasing the spirit of national unity and integrity.
  • Organizing the transfer of knowledge to cover educational disparities between domestic universities, as well as conditions of domestic and foreign higher education.

Student Exchange Program in University of Indonesia


Programs that are available:

  • Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA)
  • Osaka University, Japan, Student Exchange

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More Information

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