Humanity Projects


Indonesia has experienced many natural disasters, whether in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hydrological disasters, etc. Universities have been helping to deal with disasters through humanitarian programs. So far, student involvement has been voluntary and only short-term. In addition, many international agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, etc.) have conducted in-depth studies and made development pilot projects in Indonesia and other developing countries. Students with a youthful spirit, scientific competence, and interests can become foot soldiers in humanitarian and other development projects both in Indonesia and abroad.


  • To prepare excellent students who uphold human values ​​in carrying out their duties based on religion, morals and ethics.
  • Train students to have social sensitivity to explore and see through existing problems and contribute to providing solutions according to their respective interests and expertise.

Humanity Projects Program in University of Indonesia


Programs That Are Available:

  • Guim Teachers and Volunteers 10
  • Community Awareness Grant Program in 2021

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More Information

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